About Us

Founded by Tuan Haji Sheikh Mohsin bin Sheikh Marie in 1977, Sari Tani Desa has manufactured a lot of OEM products throughout its history. Our company has developed a few products and at the same time provide many types of manufacturing service and has grown steadily over 40 years to match the needs and demands of our customers. Initially Sari Tani Desa began with only office services and manufactured our own product. But today, Sari Tani Desa also spans an array of our OEM contract manufacturing and consulting solutions for many industrial demands like herbs formulations, packaging advice and product registration.

We also actively engaged in research and development activities for customer product and offer contract research and manufacturing services. With over 20 years of experience, Sari Tani Desa has created a customized and unique formulation to fulfill our customers’ demand with the highest quality products according to client timelines, specification and National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) requirements.

Our manufacturing technology and service are continuously optimized so that our customers can have full confidence in final product produced. This is enabled by high-volume, technologically-advanced distribution facilities. With certificate with HALAL and GMP award, it’s allowed us to manufacture new products swiftly and reliably. We continually review our capabilities and capacity. This ensures that we can consistently manufacture best-in-class products.