Advisory Services

With 30 years of experience in the herbs industry, Sari Tani Desa is well placed to share its expertise, thus the company is also offering technical advice services on the herbs industry, which covers the following area and expertise:

Herbs formulation

To assist in producing the right formulation for new suitable products for costumers who are interested to produce new products (for example to cure illnesses such as diabetes, improve blood circulation, menstruation problems, indigestion, etc).

Advisory on the usage of herbs

Sari Tani Desa has 30 years of experience in producing traditional herbs products. Sari Tani wishes to share its experience and expertise by offering advisory advices on the usage and functions of various herbs such as tongkat ali, kacip fatimah, habbatus sauda, etc and its nutritionist aspects that help to cure illnesses such as diabetes, female problems, male problems, etc.

Packaging advices

Packaging is one of the most important aspects in marketing new products. With its wide experience in marketing its own products, Sari Tani Desa offers its advisory services on suitable packaging for customers' new products (design, size, materials, etc).

Product registration

Based on its wide experience in the process and procedure of product registration, Sari Tani Desa is also offering advisory services of new products that require the approval from the Ministry of Health such as traditional capsule, homeopathy, massage oil, etc.

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